Summer- make-up

Important rule is that you should never overdo your makeup it. I'm sure that on the beach you will not need too much make-up.But if you decide to get a little, take care that it's waterproof.

Waterproof mascara-  Going to the beach means swimming, so your  mascara must be waterproof.With the new Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 hours you can safely swim, do not besmear.

Waterproof Lip- Your summer lip gloss would definitely should be waterproof!New flash shone Manhattan water are waterproof, do not make your lips sticky. Great smell and does no dry lips

Nail polish -   Summer is a good chance to play with the colors on your nails. Bright shades like orange and yellow, look  beautiful on the suntanned arms and legs. But of course you can use any bright color that you like!!

 Lip salve- Lips also have to keep with the help of a good balm with SPF.


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