Travel is about gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknowing!!

*Vienna State Opera*

*St. Stephen's Cathedral*

*Hofburg Palace*

"The streets of Vienna are paved with culture, the streets of other cities with asphalt. "

I've always wanted to go to Vienna. 7th December I got a chance. I went on a trip with my school. Every year, during Advent, my school go on trip. Last year they went to Gratz, but I could not go.We traveled 7 hours. From 3 am to 10 am with bus. The weather was nice. While we were traveling we had a lot of fun. We were joking and laughing all the time we travel in bus.

When we finally arrived in Vienna, we first went to a tour of the most popular places. Vienna is such a beautiful city with beautiful buildings. I was fascinated by its beauty.
When we finished tour, we had three hours of free time. Me and my friends decided to go together. We were group of seven girls and three boys. Boys had to endure our constantly trips to stores. 

When we saw the street with countless shops, we were very excited (you can even imagine thrill of seven girls). I had opportunity to go, for the first time to H&M, Forever 21, Gucci and some other stores. Even though I haven't bought anything, it was nice experience.
While we walked it began to snow, and is become very cold. We went to the Christmas Fair where I bough two little angels. When our free time ended, we returned to the bus and headed to a small tour. 

When darkness fell, and all the Christmas decorations and lights turn on, it was simply wonderful. I was fascinated and felt the Christmas spirit. Every street was decorated specially.Although it was beautiful, we could hardly wait to get into a warm bus and go home.

Hope that I'll get chance to visit Vienna in the future!! 



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