Motivational Monday Quotes #10

So  Motivational Monday Quotes #9 post was about teenager posts and I saw that you liked it so I decided to make another one. Enjoy!

♥ ;)


  1. 'Shutting down the computer and then realising you need it again', it's like they wrote this quote for me... I'm constantly doing this! I'm not a teenager, but they did make me giggle :)

    PS - I nominated you for the 'Liebster Award', check out my link below to find out more about it, and to see your link. If it's something you're not interested in doing, please don't feel pressured :) xx


    1. Haha :) I am very honored and grateful that you nominated me for Liebster Award, but I've already been nominated, and now I have no time because of school. But, once again, thank you! xxx


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