Chocolate Chip Muffins!

You all already know how much I love baking, and I didn't do a baking post for so long. Today's post will be about most easiest and delicious muffins ever. I'm so happy to share it with you!  

As I'm always looking for new recipes, I came across this one. I did this recipe so many times and it always turns out well. So I decided that I will do it today too. And I'm sure that you have all of ingredients in your pantry, so you can do it too. :) Let's go!

25o grams of flour
half a bag of baking powder
15o grams of sugar
half a bag of vanilla sugar
2 eggs
2,5 deciliters of milk 
1 deciliters of oil
100 grams of sliced ​​chocolate (you can put as much as you want)

♥ Mix in one bowl all the dry ingredients.
♥ In another bowl, mix eggs a couple of minutes, then add the other wet ingredients to them.
♥ With continuous mixing pour the wet ingredients to dry. Mix until ingredients are well combined. 
♥ If you want, you can now instantly add the chopped chocolate into the mixture, but I recommend you to put the mixture into the muffin pan and then sprinkle with chocolate. (When I first did I put immediately into the mixture and all the chocolate fell to the bottom and it stung.)
Before putting the mixture in the pan, grease and sprinkle it with flour. So you will easier put them out when they are baked.
Bake them  for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

And that's it. It's that easyYou literally need 30 minutes for this recipe. And I promise you it is very tasty.

Do you like muffins? 


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