Autumn Loving

I love Autumn so much. It's my second favorite time of the year..first is Spring. 
I even like when it's raining. It really relax me. Here are few more things that I love about Autumn.

Hot chocolate
Better thing then chocolate is hot chocolate. It taste so good. Especially if I'm not feeling very well or if I'm tired. I like to lay in my bed, get really cozy, turn on romantic movie or read blogs and just sip hot chocolate. It's so delicious and relaxing thing to do. 

Oh I can't imagine my Autumn days without burning candle. I like that it instantly cheer me up. I just light up one candle that I like that day. Definitely need to get more of them. There is so many choices. It's amazing what kind of fragrances candles can be. If I continue to burn them like this I'll run out of them really soon.

Dark nails
I like the feeling that I have after I paint my nails. Don't know why but I feel so much confident and autumnal. I don't really like to paint my nails black, I think that this is little bit too much for me. But I absolutely love vine red and dark purple. These two colors are my must have in Autumn.

Sweaters are most comfortable clothing peace ever. 
When I wear them it feel like I'm wearing blanket. I could live in them all Autumn and Winter time. I can just trow it on and it looks so nice. Best thing is that they keep me warm and cozy. 

I absolutely love that transition from sneakers to boots. They look so good with any outfit and give different look. I have vine red timberland and they are so comfy. I have them for a while now and I'm planing to buy another boots. Maybe ankle boots! I've been into them for some time.  

What are you loving in Autumn days? 



  1. You've picked the best parts of summer!
    Its still so warm and sunny here in Devon it feels like it's still summer!

    Kelly from | DayDreams & DaisyChains

  2. Candles are amazing! Cold nights have never been better

    Jennos Health. with them!

  3. Yes boots! They look good with everything in the Fall. Makes it super easy:)

  4. I love all of these things about autumn, especially hot chocolate. And hot water bottles. I couldn't live without them x
    Eden from edenroses xx


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