Essence Longlasting Lipstick "07 Natural Beauty"

I don't have many lipsticks. From one that I have my absolute fave is Essence Long Lasting lipstick in "07 Natural Beauty". It's in such a nice dark pink shade. It's definitely not the color of lipsticks that I usually wear but I like it a lot. As it's Autumn I wanted to try something little bit darker. This is by far best matte lipstick I ever tried. 

The formula is really creamy. It have such a lovely consistency, and it's really comfortable to wear. Does not leave sticky feeling. It applies so nice and smooth. At first I didn't believe "long lasting" as it says in the name but I was nicely surprised. It doesn't last all day but none of them does. I like that it does not leave my lips dry as it is sometimes case with other lipstick. Essence lipstick collection is really amazing and affordable. I'm sure you'll find color that you like.



  1. I like basically everything Essence made, so I'm sure it's quite good lipstick :)

    1. Essence is really quality and cheap brand. I like it a lot. :)

  2. I've never bought an essence product but that lipstick looks so creamy & it's such a lovely, subtle colour - might have to try them soon!


    1. I really recommend you to try Essence products because they are really nice. Also they are really cheap but good quality. xo


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