Motivational Monday Quote #26

I'm going back to school next Monday. I'll be third year in high school (17 years old). I decided that this year is going to be my year. I will do anything to get best grades I can in every single subject. I don't want to allow laziness to get in the way with my dreams and future. Although it's hard to admit school is preparing as to are life and I don't want to do some job every day for the rest of my life that I'm  not enjoying. There is no point in that.

This year A's will be my "sheep" and I'm going to be a tiger...haha this is funny but true. I know I can do it if I work just a little bit harder. I was always good at school but I want to be best.  I just need to get my motivation on 100% and everything will be alright. I know that some of beautiful bloggers that always help me in that area so I don't need to worry. So yeah lets all of us be tigers and fight for things that we want. 



  1. don't be a sheep :D It's lovely to be back at school, I miss my high school yeras :)


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