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In the beginning of the summer I decided to read as much books as I can. Although I love to read so much sometimes I just forget about that option. You know when there is so much TV series and movies around. However I read three amazing books. And although that's not much and I'm sure that some of you read tons of books I'm very pleased that I read at least three.  Here are my thoughts of them...

"Simply Love" ~ Catherine Anderson

This book is so beautiful. The story about Luke Taggart, mine empire owner that is arrogant and spends most of his time in saloons, gambling, and beautiful, innocent and pure lady Cassandra Zerek is absolutely wonderful.  It's happening in 1887. When I start reading first chapter I just couldn't drop it out of my hands. I was fascinated in the why that Catherine wrote about the power of love. About what can true love of naive lady do to a "bad" lad. It's such interesting and amazing book. If you are romantic soul as I am then you will absolutely love this book. I assure you. 

"The Legacy" ~ Katherine Webb 

This one is a little bit different that a first book and actually all books that I like to read. I'm more of romantic novel type of girl. So when I started reading this book I was not quite sure do I love it or hate it. In the book everything is happening in the Storton Manor and the main characters are two sisters, Beth and Erica. They spend holidays on Storton Manor at their grandma when they were children. After their grandma dies they are coming back and they are  trying to solve mystery about thing that happened one summer. The thing that confused me is that one chapter is written in the future and another in the past. When I get used to it and moves deeper into the plot of the book I really liked it. This book is full of mystery, intrigue, history and unexpected ending and there is a little bit of romance so everybody will be happy. I'm really glad that I read this book.

"The Saffron Gate" ~ Linda Holeman 

For those who love exotic places plus romance will love this book. Nothing is better than traveling by being in your room. Even better is that trough this book I traveled to Maroko and in 1930. It's about young woman Sidone O´Shea who after getting ill fell in love with hansome dr. Duverger. After she got better with help of dr. Duverger they experienced passionate love. But then he disappears, leaving behind but a letter from Morocco, Sidonie decides to follow him to Marrakech. The search for truth leads in Morocco. I think that this novel shows how far love and desire for truth can bring us. I fell in love with the story and Maroko's history and culture. 

                         ♥ ;)


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