Simple Little Things

This week was good and bad, normal and weird. Something was definitely in the air this week. I don't know if I liked it. It was full of many different emotions. Hopefully next week will be a little bit less diverse. But as strange as it was there are always a few of the things that made me happy. 

My friends (guys and girls) and I had a really interesting talk about puberty, adolescence and growing up. It was really nice to know their opinions and thoughts. I think that this was the first time that we actually talk about it as something completely normal. It's very nice to know that I can talk to them about such things.

I'm reading Rebecca's blog From Roses for quite a long time now and I don't know why I didn't mention it before. I really enjoy reading her posts. They are so interesting and easy to read. I really like that she respond to all of her comments and talk with readers. It is very nice because it really shows that she appreciates all those who read her blog and give her support. So please go and check her out, she's amazing. ;)

This weekend I was listening Olly Murs and Demi Lovato on repeat. I really like their songs before but then I stopped listening to them and now I'm back again. I've been obsessed with their songs this week. Especially with their duet Up . It's such a beautiful song. I love them both so much. 

Yesterday I was on 18th birthday party of my friend that I've known from first grade. I can't believe that he's 18. I remember when we when we played hide and seek. Time really flies so quick. It was really fun and I had such a good time. I can't believe that I'll have 18 this December..gasped.

I'm so happy that I get A from the first exam of this year. It was a Croatian grammar test. I really didn't expect to write it so good. Hopefully I'll get good great grades from all the other test that I'll write very soon. 

Which things made you happy this week? 


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