Best Honey Cookies You'll Ever Try

Whenever I went to my aunt she would always have delicious little honey cookies on a table. They smelled beautiful and tasted even better. I always said that I'm going to ask her for recipe but I forgot every time. One afternoon I decided to look for recipe on the internet. When I finally found one I decided to make it. They are super easy to make and so good to eat. 

This are kind of cookies that you can eat immediately. You don't need to leave them in boxes. I love to bake cakes that contains honey in them . As my family is engaged in beekeeping I know that my honey is 100% natural. The color of cookies depends on the honey you use. They are perfect for winter and holidays. 


150 grams of oil
150 grams of sugar
150 grams of honey
360 grams of soft flour
1 egg
2 pinches of backing soda
little cinnamon or any other spices
you can add walnuts or almonds if you want

Turn oven on 200 degrees and leave it to warm. Put baking paper on a pan. Make a dough of all the ingredients. Take a little part of the dough and shape balls. Put them on a pan and press them a little bit with your palm. Leave little space between every cookie. If you want you can put walnut or almond on every cookie. Bake them for 10 minutes. 

They are finished when the bottom is getting darker.  You can open the oven after 7 minutes so that you can see how are they looking. If they are finished put them out. Don't over beak them because they will get harder when you leave them outside. You should get about 40 cookies from this mixture. 

Do you use honey in any of your recipes? 
What do you think about this honey cookies?


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