Essence Silky Touch Blush

Guess what. Today I'm going to do a review. I didn't do post like this in so long. Actually I wasn't using a lot of new makeup products so I didn't have anything to review. I think that it's actually a time for me to go and buy some new stuff because the last time I bought a makeup product was in June. 

Today star of the post is Essence Silky Touch blush in 60 life's a cherry. I actually had this blush for quit a long time now but I was afraid to use it. If you read my blog for some time now then you know that I'm not into anything bright and bold. I usually stick to natural shades. As you can tell this is not a natural shade just the opposite it's very dark and bold color. 

I thought that it would be nice in Autumn days and I was right. It gives nice healthy color to my cheeks. It's really pigmented so you need to be careful while applying it. You don't need much to see it. It has a nice shimmer in it that gives nice natural glow. 

It's more on the red side so I think it's going to be perfect for Winter days too. I can say that it last pretty long. I like the size and shape of the packaging. You can easy put it in makeup bag. You can be sure that it won't open  and make the mess. 

After all I really like this blush. It does everything it should. Only bad thing is that it's limited edition. Unfortunately you can't buy it anymore but I'm sure there are similar shades out there. 

What is your favorite blush for Autumn and Winter?

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