Grandma's Donuts Recipe

If somebody asked me which dessert I associate with childhood my answer will definitely be donuts. But not any kind of donuts. Donuts that my grandma used to make every time we visited her. They are so delicious. 

I need to say that no one do them as my Grandma. My mother and I aren't even close to that amazing taste. Although we do it from the same recipe. I just knew that I need to share this recipe with you guys. It's really easy to do and your family and friends will be thanking you fro making the. I'm sure that you have all of the ingredients in your cabinets and refrigerator so let's get into the recipe.  

Ingredients : 

 1/2 kg flour
pinch of salt
 1 egg
pinch of sugar
1 dl of oil

Put flour in a bowl.  Make a space in a middle to put egg and pinch of salt. Mix it. Then add oil and a pinch of sugar. Let yeast to rise in a little bit of water or milk. My tip is to put it in water because it rise better. Add yeast in bowl and knead it with spoon as you will do with bread. Knead it until it doesn't stick to bowl anymore. Leave it to rise on room temperature for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes knead it again and roll it 1 cm thick. 

Cut it out in any shape you want. I cut it in a shape of donuts. Leave them to rise for about 10 minutes. Preheat deep bowl with oil. Pu first the side that was on the table. Let it fries until it gets golden color at each side and white ring in the middle. As you put it out immediately sprinkle with sugar. Now you can add marmalade or chocolate cream but for me they are the best with just a little bit of sugar. 

I like when you bite them and they have hole in them. I absolutely love them and could eat them every single day. They are so tasty and easy to do. I really hope that you will try them out. 

What is your favorite dessert from childhood?
 Do you like donuts? 


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