Twists & Braid

When it comes to hairstyles I'm not really into big experimentation's. I always liked cute hairstyles that are easy to do and look very natural. I can do them when my hair is super clean or when it's greasy and I need to cover it up. As you can tell from my past hairstyles posts I like simplicity. Today I'm going to show you hairstyle that I've been loving a lot these days.

I'm all about boho, sweet old fashion kind of hairstyle that you can spice up with adding hair band or cute flower crown. I like to combine little twists and braids that gives different texture, shape and total look. This hairstyles is two in one. You can leave just upper part but also you can create a new hairstyle by braiding down part of your hair. 

There is really nothing hard in this hairstyle. First thing you need to do is grab a little part in the right side of your hair. Separate it in half and twist it. Then you need to grab chunk of your hair and twist it with the front piece that goes around back piece. Keep doing this until you twisted hair just little bit above your ear.

Do the same thing with other side and secure them together with elastic on the back of your head. If you like how it's looking you don't need to do the second part. And that is braiding. Separate your hair in three parts and start regular braid. Of course you can do any kind of braid you like or even make low bun. It's up to you. Now if you like messy look just pull out little baby hairs in front of your head and braid to make it bigger. 

As I said this hairstyle is so easy to do and looks absolutely amazing. It keeps your hair out of the face. I've been wearing it to school and at home. You can always ad flowers or cute hair pins for extra cuteness. Don't worry about little parts of hair sticking from the braid. 

What do you think about this hairstyle? 
Are you more of a up or down hairstyle kind of girl?


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