Wood Block Art

I was looking at my walls the other day and they seemed very empty and boring. I decided to give them a little bit of life and a pop of color. I had this craft pinned in my Projects To Try board for so long. I was so happy when I finally gathered all of the materials and started making it. 

This craft looks so pretty and like it takes a lot of time but it really doesn’t. I was very lucky because my dad was doing something with wood and I asked him to cut me a two blocks of wood. He kindly did that and I had two beautiful 10x10 wood blocks.

   Supply’s you’ll need are:
  • wood blocks
  • tempera or acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes
  • scissors
  • wood glue
  • images of your choice

  • My blocks were a little bit rough so I just sand them.
  • Paint them in any color that you want. You can put two coats if your paint is light. 
  • Choose any kind of images that you want. Print and cut them. 
  • Cover the back of the image with wood glue and press it down on the block wherever you want.
  • Put another coat of wood glue over the image so that it doesn’t peel off. 
  • Let it dry.

When it’s completely dry you can hang it on the wall or put it anywhere you like. I made just two of them but will definitely make more. It just looks so cool and pretty. 

Let me know if you try to make it! 


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