15 Of My Favorite Feelings!

There are so many things and moments that make me feel just amazing and in generale happy. Those feelings that happen so fast and bring you that joy. I decided to write about them. Few weeks ago I saw this 15 Of My Favorite Feelings videos circling on the YouTube and it seemed like such an amazing idea. I decided to do it myself too. 

 1. Waking up to the beautiful morning. 

 2. Getting ready for a new day.

 3. Smell of homemade food.

 4. Going back at home.

 5. Exploring new places.

 6. Cuddling with my pets.

 7. Diving into a new book.

8. Going through the book store.

9. Laughter.

10. Being surrounded by friends and family. 

11. Taking of my makeup.

12. Having a walk on a crispy  Autumn day.

13. Doing something out of my comfort zone.

14. Making others smile.

15. Being creative.

I would really love to see some of you're favorite feelings. If you do it on your blog be sure to leave me links so I can check it out. 

What are your favorite feelings? 


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