Looking For Alaska by John Green

I wanted to read another John Green book since I first read and watched The Fault in Our Stars. I was just captured by his writing style and characters. Looking For Alaska was on the top of my list last of books I want to buy. Thankfully I find it on the Book Fair in November and immediately bought it. 

The main character in this book is adolescent Miles Halter. He is fascinated by famous last words and the most fascinating one for him is by Francois Rabelais who said "I am going to seek a great perhaps....". That "great perhaps" is something that Miles is looking for. He heads to Culver Creek Boarding school which is everything but ordinary. That's because of Alaska Young. 

My favorite character is Chip Martin better know as The Colonel. He is Miles roommate and friend. The Colonel is very smart but impulsive. Although he is a genius he very confused and always crossing boundaries. I think that without him Miles wouldn't do the same things and he in some ways changed him. He felt real because in his age it's quite normal to feel confused and try to find the right path. I like that contrast of being so smart but doing things that smart person knows isn't right. 

The story definitely had a mysterious feeling to it as you don't really get to know the characters. You only see the little parts of their past. Although it definitely kept me want to keep reading I still hoped to know their background. My favorite part is the connection between characters. They really care about each others and don't try to pretend they are something they are not. It definitely made me laugh on some bits and cry on others. 

When I started reading I wasn't actually pulled in the story as I though I'm going to be. It was quite slow and monotone. I wanted to know more deeper about Miles and the way that he thinks abut life. As the story started to unwrap it definitely became more interesting. I think that this book is definitely for a young adult. I think that they will get most of it from reading this book. 

To be completely honest this book was good but not great. It just didn't make a big imprint on my life and that's something I look in the book. It was a fun and quick read  and I definitely recommend it if you are looking for something like that. 

Have you read this book? 
What are your thought's on it? 


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