Loving Lately || January

It's the end of the January and I decided to bring back the Loving Lately series. I love reading about other peoples favorites and watch monthly favorite videos so I decided to do it myself. I have quite a few things I've been loving this month and I want to share them with you. 

January was one of the busiest months for me. With college work, exams and keeping up with blog I haven't had much time to relax. One thing that helped me relax a little bit was definitely a good old cup of tea. I don't actually think that I ever drank so much tea as I did this month. My go to one was this cherry one with aromatic spices. It tastes so fresh and smells amazing. Another tea flavors I've been loving were rose hip, peppermint and chamomile. 

While drinking my warm tea I've been nibbling cookies. I just need to have something sweet because I'm a big sweet tooth. I just love this chocolate filled tea biscuits. They are so crispy and the chocolate cream between them is absolutely amazing. I just can't properly relax if I'm not listening to songs. Can we just talk for a minute about Ed Sheeran's new songs? I just don't know which one is better, Castle On The Hill or Shape Of You. I've been listening them both on repeat and I can't get over them. He is such an amazing singer. Another song I've been loving is a Holy War by Alicia Keys. I've always loved her songs but this one really stuck with me as the message is just beautiful. 

At the beginning of the month I decided to go back at my old makeup favorites and try to use them up as much as I can. I'm actually very impressed with myself because I've been loving applying makeup. Especially eye makeup. Two eyeshadow's that I've been applying daily are Essence Mono Eyeshadow in 20 rosy happiness which is a gorgeous rose gold shade, and Essence I♥Nude eyeshadow in 02 cake pop which is a very light pink shade. I was so surprised to see how amazing they both look on their own but also together. I first applied rose gold shape and then this light pink one in the corner to brighten my eyes. 

Next beauty products is again an Essence one. It's my trusty Mini Sheer Lip Balm in 02 little miss rosie. I've had this lip balm for so long and it was my go to every day lip product. It looks so pretty but natural and makes my lips soft and hydrated. I actually used it all up and I want to try different shades and maybe brands. So if you have any recommendations please leave them in comment below.  I haven't worn a lot of jewelry this month but the one that I did wear was this heart necklace. I actually bought if for Christmas. It's a friendship necklace. It came with another one just the same as this one which I gave to my best friend. I really like how subtle but gorgeous it looks. 

What are your January favorites? 
Do you like Ed Sheeran's new songs?