Nude by Rihanna

I was so lucky to receive perfume that I had my eyes on for a very long time. I had a burning desire to own it and receiving it as a birthday present from my friend was delightful. I have quite a distinctive taste when it comes to perfumes. To find the perfect one can be quite hard. 

Rihanna has released eight fragrances in the past. Nude was launched in 2012 and have got mixed reviews. Which is understandably as we all have different taste in fragrances. The packaging is in nude shade and features Rihanna in her lingerie between sheets. I think that it looks very tastefully and feminine. The bottle is very elegant and stylish with nude spirals going around the bottle. The nude lid has a silver bangle around it which gives it a luxurious touch. 

With the first spray you can smell a sweet floral fragrance with a fruity and vanilla note in the background. After it wakes up all of its fragrances you can notice the woody and musky notes. Those under tones give it an inviting and pleasant feeling. It contains fruity aromas of mandarin, guava and pear. They perfectly combine with the scent of all white flowers. She used jasmine, gardenia and orange blossom.  The last aromas that complements the fruity and floral fragrances are sandalwood, vanilla orchid and musk. 

I really like that it's very feminine and graceful which gives it that lady feeling to it but also the sweetness  and purity makes it very luminous and wearable. If you are attracted to more sweet and not too heavy fragrances then you'll love this perfume. 

Have you tried any of Rihanna's perfumes? 
What is your favorite fragrance? 


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