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Last month I was so lucky enough to win the giveaway hosted by one of my favorite blogs What Sarah Writes. I was just so happy, firstly because I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog for quite some time now and absolutely loving it and secondly because the prize was The Body Shop Spiced Apple Treat Box. This was the first time I ever tried any of The Body Shop products and I wanted to share wit you my opinion of it.

This beautiful box contains Spiced Apple Body Butter, Spiced Apple Shower Gel and a mini cream bath lily. They are mini sized products perfect if you want to try and see if they the right choice for you. It’s a limited edition so I’m not sure if you can get them anymore. The fragrances of those two products are quite strong. You can really smell the apple fruit extract and scent of cinnamon baked apples. At first I thought that it’s a little bit too strong but when you apply those to products on your skin they really give it a nice and fresh scent.

Spiced Apple Shower Gel is one of the best shower gels I have ever tried. You really don’t need much of it to get bubbly.It left my skin soft and hydrated which it definitely needs in this colder month. The smell is definitely something that makes it even better. I really like the size of the bottle as it’s just perfect for traveling and it’s not taking much space. 

The Spiced Apple Body Butter is the perfect choice if you want to moisturize your body in the cold winter days. It contains apple seed oil which gives it that silk and soft touch. It doesn't leave my skin sticky and absorb really fast. I love how soft and fresh it made my skin. The smell really makes me feel relaxed and warm. That cinnamon note in it really does wonders. 

I’m honestly so impressed and pleased with this set. Both products are really amazing quality and I really think you should give it a try. I’m definitely going to try and get my hands on other The Body Shop Products. 

Be sure to check out Sarah's blog What Sarah Writes and give her some love. xo 

Have you tried The Body Shop Spiced Apple?  
What is your favorite The Body Shop product? 

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