Things I've Learned In First College Semester

I can’t even believe that I finished my first semester at college. It’s like just yesterday I moved in my dorm room and had my introduction day at college. These five months went so quickly and I really confronted so many new things and situations. I want to share with you some of the things I've learned. 


People you first meet won’t necessary be the ones you’ll hang out the most. On my first day of college I met three girls. We hanged out first week and really get on well. Then we meet more people and the group got bigger. I really thought that we are going to bond better. As the weeks passed by we got further from each others. Although we still talk I can’t really say that they are my friends. I met another girl and we really clicked and always hang out together. I know that I’ll meet more people and that some of them will become my friends but also some of them will just be acquaintances. There is nothing wrong with that. 


Don’t take everything that other say as the complete truth. My college is pretty small so I already know most of my class and some students form older years. We all like to help each other which is absolutely great. But sometime everything that older students say don’t necessarily needs to be true. It doesn’t need to mean that they are intentionally lying to you. For example they gave us a tips, from what and how to study for certain course which haven’t always been true. It might be because we all work and study in different way. You can easily get caught in trying methods that aren’t working for you.


Being independent is quite scary.  I came from a little village and I’ve been always surrounded by my family and friends. Moving to the biggest city in my country and living there sometimes more than five days a week was quite a big shock for me. Although I am in a dorm room with my sister I do need to be more independent and do important things by myself. Having all of the assignments for college or other things in life arranged and able to do is something that I always need to have on mind. I actually think that it made me a more confident person..although I definitely need to work more on that.


Time management is everything. I absolutely stand by this. I don’t actually know how I would successfully survive my first semester without having everything organized. If I’m completely honest managing time for me can be pretty hard. But after getting into a routine of writing everything down and scheduling my time, it definitely made everything so much easier. I've been on top of every assignment and exam. I’m the most proudest that I didn’t neglected my blog. I’ve been publishing three posts a week from the 1st of January. Hopefully I’ll keep doing that in the future too.

I'm so pleased with the choice I made. I really enjoy studying at my college and the people I met are so lovely. I'm so excited for my next semester that already started but also for the future years. I'm sure that I'll learn so many different things about life on the way. 

Are you a college student? 
What have you learned? 


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