Catrice The Modern Matt Eyeshadow Palette

Whenever I'm doing my makeup I try to take extra care with my eye makeup. I really think that with using the right eyeshadow shades and putting on the right mascara can break it or make it. I tried this Catrice eyshadow palette but did it  make it up to the expectations? 

Catrice is my second favorite drugstore brand. I've tried quite a lot of their products but never their eyeshadows. This is my first ever eyeshadow palette. It's from the range The Modern Matt Collection. It contains seven matt shades, from light pink to brown. It also have matt highlighting and contouring shade which is very useful. The packaging is simple and clear so you can see all the shades which I like. It's not too big or too small, you can easily put it in your makeup bag. 

I really like the variety of shades. They are wearable for every day but you can easy make a night out look. I like the coppery brown looks.  The texture is very powdery which makes them quite sheer and transparent. I wouldn't say that the pigmentation is amazing. You really need to apply several layers to get that look you want. I knew that pigmentation wouldn't be as good as from other brands but to be honest I am quite disappointed. 

The product itself is very affordable but if you are looking for something with better pigmentation then I wouldn't recommend this palette. I think that the biggest problem is in the texture. Although if you are a beginner and want just a little bit of color on your eyes it's a great palette to learn how to combine shades and see which ones work best for you. I'll keep playing with it but I won't be repurchasing it.  

Have you tried this palette? 
Which is your favorite eyeshadow palette? 
Are you more for nude or bright eye makeup look?