Loving Lately || April

April was quite relaxing month. Spring break was definitely well needed. I had so much fun hanging out with my family and friends. Now I'm back at college and getting closer and closer to the Summer which means that finals are even closer. 

So most exciting thing happened actually yesterday. I got my hair cut shoulder length. It's actually the shortest my hair was even been. I have really thick and black hair. It grows really fast so I always cut it shorter when the Summer begins. 

Last few weeks I really needed the change so I decided to get my hair cut a little bit earlier. I really like how it turned out although it's not exactly how I imagined it would be. I want to try out some short hairstyles and maybe even share them with you in future post. 

This month I got back to some of my old makeup faves. First is this Essence Get Big Lashes waterproof mascara. I totally forgot how amazing this mascara is. It gives beautiful volume and separates my lashes perfectly. It's waterproof so it doesn't smug off.  Second Essence product I've been using a lot this month was this blush. It's in shade 40 natural beauty. It's a beautiful brownish shade. I like how natural and pretty it looks on my cheeks. 

Baking and cooking is something I did quite a lot this month. As I wrote in my 4 Self Care Activities post, baking is something that really relaxes me.  I've been trying out new recipes and going back to the old ones. My absolute favorite one was Chocolate Rum Cake. I wrote a post about is so you can try and do it too. It's so easy to make and taste delicious. 

What have you been loving this month? 
Do you have some old favorites you got back to? 


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