What To Do At The Weekend

We are all waiting for that part of the week when we can relax just a little bit after a long and busy week. Those two precious days fly by sooo quick but they can be the best part of the week you just need to find the right thing to do. Although you might just want to lay in your bed for the whole weekend, which is totally fine,  I however have a little bit more interesting ideas. 

We all have at least one book sitting on our bookshelf waiting for us to finally pick it up and read it. I sure have quite few of them and I have the most free time at the weekends so I always try to grab them and read at least a few pages. Reading is one of the things that always makes me relaxed and happy. Especially when I can go and read outside in the nature. 

Having a picnic is one of those things that we all want to do but rarely find time for. At weekend most of the people don't work...praying for you who do. It's easy to just call your friends and go to the park. It's so much fun when you are surrounded with your friends, laughing, playing games and just in generale having a lot of fun. 

If you've been working for the whole week and had a hectic days it's totally appropriate to slow down a little bit for the weekend. Get comfortable in your bed, find some great movies, grab snacks and relax. You definitely deserve it. No every weekend should be full of activities. Taking bath or pamper evening and and having a me time is also very important. 

I loveee redecorating my room. It's so much fun changing your surrounding a little bit and making it look comfy and cute. I'm always scrolling through Pinterest to find inspiration. I like to make little crafts to give my room a unique touch. There is so many amazing do it yourself projects that are so easy to do but look so cute. 

If you are living in biggest city or the smallest countryside I'm sure that there is so much you can see and explore. Just go outside on an adventure. Don't make a big plan on where you are going because I find that the best experiences and moment are spontaneous. Maybe you'll find your favorite place or discover something interesting about the place you are living in. 

What are your favorite weekend activities?