Feel Good With No Makeup!

Feeling good without any makeup on is something that takes time for. Giving your skin a brake from all of those makeup products is really important. If you are not feeling very comfortable leaving your house with bare face than this is the perfect post for you.

I can't stress enough how important it is to take off makeup before going to bed. Leaving your makeup on over night clogs your pores which leads to blemishes and oily skin. For removing my makeup I'm currently using Garnier Micellar Water which is so gentle to your skin and is perfect for removing face makeup. For removing eye makeup I'm using Nivea Pure & Natural Cleansing Milk. It makes it so easy to take even waterproof maskara which is very important.

It's very important to wash your face at least two time a day to make sure that you're face is dirt and oil free. Gently pat your skin dry with a towel, don't rub it. Apply a homemade face mask. I wrote a post about my 3 favorite ones that are just amazing and easy to make. Another important thing is that you don't touch your face all the time as by doing that you put germs on your face. 

Drinking enough water and eating a lot of vegetables and fruits helps your skin look healthy and fresh which immediately makes you feel good without any makeup on. Try to avoid any junk food as it makes your skin age faster and we definitely don't want that.  

To make your eyes more open curl your lashes. Plucking  your eyebrows and getting them in perfect shape frame your whole face. Just be sure t not over pluck it. Apply lip balm to give a nice shine to your lips but also protect them from chapping. If you want little bit of color to your cheeks  an old but good method is pinching your cheeks. 

If you act comfortable in your own skin it will reflect to others. Don't worry about that little pimple or blemish. Just smile and enjoy life. I'm a big believer that smile is best accessories anyone can wear. Giving your face a makeup break will make it even more beautiful. Never feel obligated to wear makeup if you don't feel like it. 

It takes time to feel comfortable with any makeup on and don't feel like that's a bad thing. We all have our insecurities and we only need to work on them. I really hope that this post was helpful and just remember that you look beautiful with or without makeup on! 

Do you have any tips on feeling good without makeup on? 
How often do you wear makeup?