Loving Lately || June

For this month I had it quite hard to think about the things that I actually loved. It was one of the most stressful months of my life. Finals really took all of my attention and energy. I'm still not aware that my first year is actually over and that I can relax for a little bit. 

So the first and the biggest favorite of this month is definitely passing all of my exams and successfully finishing my first year at college.  I really invested a lot of energy and time to finish everything earlier otherwise I would have exams in September. Now I have so much more time to dedicate to my blog. I'm so happy with the college I picked and for all the things I learned. 

Last month I talked about Essence Nail Polish and surprise(!) I have another one that I've been loving this month. The shade is 109 off to miami!. It's such a beautiful orange color. It's so bright and vibrant. I've been loving it so much. It looks amazing now in the Summer time when I have  a little bit of tan on. 

And another Essence product that I've been getting into this month is this Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick in shade 03 BFF . It's a quite bright pink shade. At least quite bright for me. As you may know I don't actually wear very colorful and bright lipsticks. I usually stick to nude ones. When I tried this one I really liked how it looked on. It's very easy to apply and wear. It last for a good amount of time and gives a nice look. 

As the temperatures were quite high and the sweating increased Nivea Stress Protect deodorant was my savoir. This has been my favorite deodorant for so long. It's the only one I'm using because other ones would work for few hours and then just vanished. It really last for 48 hours as it says on the packaging. So if you have trouble with sweating you need this deodorant.  

What have you been loving in July?