You Had a Bad Day? Make Yourself Feel Better Right Now!

It’s so easy to get stuck in that negative and bad feeling because of the situation or person that triggered it and then end up having a bad day or even a week. Our emotions have a huge impact on our everyday life and dealing with good ones is much easier than bad ones. The encouraging but also aggravating thing is that we are the ones that can either control it or let it control us. Nobody likes to feel low although sometimes it feels easier to just surrender to that feeling. Doing just the simplest things can get you back to your usual self and help you feel amazing again. 

Most of the times when we feel bad we think that we feel that way because of just one thing that happened to us that day. In reality behind that there are a lot of small things that have been building up inside of us without even realizing. It’s easy to hold onto that bad feeling and accept it as it is. Writing down all of the thoughts you have is a great way to dig deep in your mind and heart. We push down so many annoying, anxious, sad, etc. emotions as that’s the easiest way for us to deal with them. Some day you might feel low without even knowing why. 

Immediately when you start to feel that way grab a pen and paper or your mobile phone and just let your hand be moved by your thoughts. Don’t filter anything, write exactly how you feel. Believe immediately after you put all your heart on the paper you’ll feel so much better but also you’ll be able to acknowledge all the little things that you thought had no impact on you. This is one of the best self therapies you can do. You’ll feel so much lighter and clear headed. 

Your surrounding has such a big influence on your mood. You may even realize the connection between the two when you start to feel weird and low. Living in an unorganized and cluttered place will make you feel suffocated and claustrophobic. Messy house really does equals messy mind. I’m sure that cleaning isn’t actually on the fun-things-to-do list but it’s definitely something that needs to be done. Delaying it won’t do you any good. So for you to get out of this bad feeling you need to throw away all the bad things in your home. Having a proper clear out is the right way to go. 

Put on your favorite music or podcast and get started. It doesn’t need to be spotless. Just take some time to put everything in place and with that you’ll quickly get back to your usual self. A lot of the time we end up hording things around our home that we don’t need or should have in our house. We get too attached to material things and connect them with memories and emotions. That’s how the messy home and mind is created. Get rid of everything that doesn’t bring you the real happiness and that you don’t need. 

I’m sure that when you’re not in a good mood you don’t want to be surrounded by people. I personally get even crankier and I don’t want to be rude or disrespectful to others so I just remove myself from social environment. Escaping into the nature is one of the best ways to be alone, get some fresh air and clear your thought. Although people are probably not invited furry friends of course are. If you have a dog, take him/her out with yourself. They will put you in a better mood and I’m sure they will be thankful for an unexpected walk. 

Take this time to feel all the feels and let it all out. I must say that nature works wonders when it comes o connecting to yourself and your ruts. You might not want to get really deep and emotional which is, then just taking a few breaths and being present in the moments makes a huge difference as well. Just absorbing all the energy from the nature and focusing on the beauty of it will definitely make you feel much happier. Find your happy place where you can have peaceful time and where you feel safe.

How do you make yourself feel better? 
How are you feeling right now?