Put An End To Impulsive Shopping While Asking These Simple Questions

Shopping is something that a lot of people find therapeutic and fun to do. Although shopping may be fun it shouldn't became something exaggerated. There are a lot of other things someone could do in replace of therapy and fun that shopping might present for them. Shopping isn’t only affecting your whole lifestyle, financial, emotional and physical it is also very damaging to the whole World because more things mean more waste. 

While I do understand that some people have trouble putting an end to impulsive shopping I believe that the questions I’m going to share with you in this post could help anyone who is brave enough to reflect and realize that they are themselves impulsive shoppers and that it isn't benefiting them in any way. If you are one of them and you are willing to make a change I congratulate you as you are making step in the right direction. 

The impulsive shopping is very common and the reason behind that is placed in our society. Shopping is much idealized and consumerism has been branching into our lives since we were born. With all the advertisements and whole story behind the consumerism it isn’t strange that so many people fall into a trap of impulsive and unhealthy shopping. 

So the big question is how to put an end to it? First I want to mention is that this isn’t something that can be done overnight. We are all different, for some it may be very easy to just change their mindset when it comes to shopping while others might need to take it step by step until this unhealthy obsession is completely or at least in bigger extent removed. 

The tip I have for those who have been impulsive shoppers for a long time and have trouble resisting the urge to buy things that they don’t need is to just avoid shopping malls in general. That is until you really need something. Another advice I have is to take with you someone you know that isn’t an impulsive shopper so that they can help you really think through if you need or do not need something. 

This is quite an important step that will extremely help you to stop the impulsive buying. One of the factors that make impulsive buying so addicting and common are the fact that most of us doesn’t even know what we already own. As you are always buying new things you are pushing those things you already own aside and just forget about their existence. When you enter a shopping mall you will be attracted by all the beautiful things they sell and then end up buying things that you already own. 

It is important to take a day, or a whole weekend to go through each room in your home and start de cluttering. Throw out anything that isn’t serving its purpose and keep those things that you need in your everyday life. Make sure that everything you need is in its own position so that you don’t end up putting them to places they don’t belong to and then end up forgetting about them. 

First question to ask yourself when you enter the shopping mall… 

When it comes to impulsive shopping it usually starts with that desire to own something new although we already own something similar if not the same. The problem is when you want to buy despite the fact that you are not even wearing or using the similar item you already have. 

If the answer to this question is positive then that is one of the reasons why you should probably skip buying that product. Be completely honest. If you did the step before which was the de-cluttering then you are one step ahead and if you want to put an end to impulse buying you will be able to make the right decision. 

Sometimes we put that image in our mind as we just need to own that thing because otherwise we won’t be able to function in our daily life. Although there is satisfaction in owning things it definitely isn’t the healthiest if its foundation is just that desire to own something. 

There shouldn’t be the need to purchase something because of the impulse we get in that one second of seeing the item. Let that urge fade away and just think it through. Just let it sink for a bit and then after a few days or longer if you still think that you need that item then purchase it. But be sure that you have good enough reasons for that. 

Sales can be a bate that most of us fall for. We tend to think that just because something is on sale we should get it although there isn’t any need for buying that item otherwise. Sales are great but it doesn’t means that you should buy things that are on the sale just because they are on the sale. 

Ask yourself do you like or need that thing enough that you would be willing to purchase it for the regular price. If it is not that important that you would be willing to spend extra buck on it then it probably means that you should purchase it when it is on sale either. 

Impulsive shopping is something that can be put under control. It is all about self discipline and knowing that owning things doesn’t equals long term happiness and satisfactions. Don’t clutter your home and mind with material things that don’t add any value to your life. Something that I found very helpful is putting something as a travel or some bigger goal that makes me want to save money on. 

Nobody says that you shouldn’t treat yourself with something special once in a while but that shouldn’t be something you are doing just because you feel bored or stressed. Of course if it’s your money than nobody can stop you but yourself. I truly recommend you to just try one month of mindful shopping as I believe that you will see a drastic change.

Are you an impulsive buyer? 
Do you think asking these questions could help you?